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About Us

What Makes Us


Are you seeking for ways to consume food that tastes good while being both good for your own health and the health of the planet? Then look no further! Coco Mama recreates the authentic, unfiltered coconut experience we enjoyed many years ago!

Sustainable eating is in our DNA as we bring the premium quality coconuts from our very own INDIA with Vegan, Organic, Plant based coconut Products!

Finest Coconuts of India

It’s nature in a bottle.


We Do?

Cultivated right in the heart of India’s best coconut-growing states, Coco Mama uses three factors to craft the best coconut products:

  • Sustainable energy
  • Innovation
  • A world-class processing facility

Coco Mama comes from the desire to preserve our grandmother's legacy. We hope to bring back the true, unfiltered coconut experience that we had many years ago! As a result, Coco Mama was born.

Coco is an abbreviation for coconut, while Mama is an abbreviation for mother.

Coco - Coconuts

Mama (sometimes spelled Muma)- mother

Today's market is flooded with synthetic, lab-created coconut water. Coco Mama wants to provide you with the freshest coconuts available in nature.

We Are Friends Of the


When it comes to sustainability, we govern everything we do and every product we make by what we call The Give Back Test. Is this product providing something back to the plant, people, and the environment at every stage of production? Our products all pass The Give Back Test with flying colours. Our business is the first in the coconut processing industry to have a complete water recycling system. A chemical-free water purification mechanism is included in our coconut processing framework. Our processing factory is powered by a 32MW solar energy plant, which allows us to use completely renewable energy.

Coco Mama products are inspired by love, legacy, and mindful customers like YOU!