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5 VIP Reasons Why Coconut Oil Should Be Added To Your Beauty Routine

The products that you apply to your skin soak into it and therefore soak into your body, It seems so shocking that most “beauty” products contain chemicals which are dangerous to skin and hazardous to health. When we apply lotions, balms and oils to our body we want to trust that they are chemical free and compatible to our skin. We want peace of mind, knowing that the ingredients are safe and healthy and free of chemicals that are harmful to our being.

The sign of glowing, radiant and smooth skin reflects a healthy and well-nourished body, mind and spirit. COCONUT LOVE’S Virgin Coconut Oil based natural beauty products carry all those benefits that you are looking for. They hydrate, cleanse, soften and moisturise your skin more effectively than any of the other unnatural and harmful beauty products. Naturally certified organic, one hundred percent pure and raw virgin coconut oil is used for the manufacturing of our Virgin Coconut Oil beauty products.

Do You Know What Your Putting On Your Skin?

If you want to maintain suppleness, radianc way to enhance your beauty than with a natural product? You will surely get following benefits from our coconut based beauty products:

No Toxins:

Unlike any other ordinary beauty product coconut based beauty products do not carry harmful toxins. They actually help your skin to get rid of toxins, fungus and bad bacteria. They naturally moisturise your skin and enhance the suppleness in skin. They minimise the outbreaks of skin rashes and irritations.

No Artificial Fragrance:

Coconut beauty products naturally carry a sweet fragrance of coconut. It soothes your senses and makes you feel more comfortable, while ordinary beauty products carry artificial fragrances, which are harmful for your health. If you apply those products, you would feel uncomfortable and irritated.

No Artificial Added Colours:

Coconut itself has a milky white colour so there is no need to add any further artificial colours to coconut beauty products. And it is a universal fact that most of the artificial colours used out there are toxic in nature and can be hazardous for your health. Coconut helps to cleanse and neutralise the skin and mostly it is used as moisturiser.

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